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Panda Tower Expansion Park Project With High Rope

Jul 18 , 2023

Project Introduction

Project Name: "Panda Tower" Expansion Camp
IP image: "Panda"
Design area: 1750m²;
Equipment area: 730m²;
The design height is about 14m, with three and a half floors;
Extended Trail Items: 46

This project is suitable for a variety of parent-child theme parks. It cleverly uses the "Panda" IP design to integrate 46 cultural themes with different sports experiences such as expansion, exploration, slides, ziplines, bungee jumping, stainless steel slides, rock climbing, and net crawling. The project combines the "Panda" IP image and incorporates relevant design elements to create a differentiated Internet celebrity IP-themed sports development camp complex.

The green design elements of bamboo leaves and bamboo poles are used in the decoration design, with the original ecology and natural style as the keynote, and flexible ecological materials such as logs, rope nets and stainless steel are used.

To meet the public's spiritual demands of a children's quality training and education parent-child paradise that is close to nature, has a clear theme, and is entertaining and entertaining.

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