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Xiaoyi Cultural Experience Park · Sports Carnival

Mar 13 , 2023

Xiaoyi Cultural Experience Park is a super large experience space venue covering an area of over 1000 square meters,It has 15+ hard-core projects.

Design Theme

With the core design concepts of fun, intelligence, parent-child, and fitness,

Five theme amusement zones,

Amusement projects with different playing methods,

Let children develop interest in laughter,

develop intelligence in play.

Design Planning

The park has designed ninja course, rainbow net, fun climbing wall, bouldering rock climbing, extreme jumping, stairs to heavon, situational archery, air bike, wave slide, ocean ball pool, devil slide, technology trampoline, free trampoline, sponge pool confrontation, slam dunk trampoline and other amusement projects, the project equipment is made of green environmental protection materials, certified by safety agencies, safe and non-toxic, to ensure that children have a safe, healthy and happy play experience.

Indoor soft playground

The indoor soft playground is one of the most popular items in the children's playground. There are thrilling wave slides, devil slides, ocean ball pools, etc. in the soft playground for children to have fun.

Ocean ball pool、Slide

Trampoline area

Professional jumping area-Olympic trampoline

Trampoline has gradually become the first choice of more and more people. No matter what age group, in the world of trampoline, everyone can feel the release of pressure and enjoy the body and mind.

Slam Dunk trampoline

Trampoline + slam dunk, strong combination, is the best choice for entertainment + sports.

Tap fun game

Sponge pool

Surrounded by soft sponges like clouds, feel the fun of being swallowed by sponges.

Skywalk · High rope course

In the air, we designed high rope course obstacles like wooden barrels, tires, swing bridges, single-plank bridges, cylinder passages, "M" suspension bridges and other projects for you to experience, and there is also an aerial bicycle project, waiting for the brave to fight!

Spiral slide

Extreme jump

Fun climbing wall

Fun climbing wall can comprehensively promote the physical development of teenagers. It can exercise children's thinking, exercise their judgment, and bring mental growth to them.

Stairs to heavon

Situational archery

Childhood is a season of dreams,
Dreams are the engine of growth,
An interactive growth paradise dedicated to parent-child families,
Let the children in the fun of innocence
Experience happy parent-child time.

Guangzhou KIRA Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive amusement project service provider integrating R&D, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales, covering the design and production of amusement equipment, scenic spot planning and design, sports science and technology projects, scenic spot night tour operation, environmental art creation and other sectors. The company has a number of certification qualifications, such as national high-tech enterprises, national standardization enterprises, import and export rights,copyrights and national patents. It is a well-known enterprise that affects the development of cultural tourism industry in the era.

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